SIMRES 6.3.3
March 2015


ICANS XXI poster
SIMRES 6.3.3, March 2015
Users' guide for SIMRES
RESTRAX 5.2.4, June 2014

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Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS)
Czech Science Foundation
EU 6th framework programme
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RESTRAX is free software distributed under GNU General Public License. In the case you publish data obtained with this program, please include a reference.


To build RESTRAX from source files, you would need also a Fortran 95 compiler. Automatic makefile configuration is available for Absoft Fortran 95 (Linux and Win32).

SIMRES — 6.3.3

Version for instrument optimization: ray-tracing simulation of a user-defined beamline, flux distribution, scans with instrument parameters, visualization of beam profiles, 3D view of simulated instruments, ...

Release notes simres-release-notes.pdf 897181 B
User's guide simres-guide.pdf 3063517 B
Source files simres-6.3.3.tar.gz 757701 B
Windows installer simres-6.3.3-install.exe 7312753 B
Binary distribution – Linux simres-6.3.3-i686-Linux.tar.gz 7338247 B

RESTRAX — 5.2.4

Version for three-axis spectrometers: simulation of 4D resolution functions, convolution with S(q,ω) and data fitting. Includes flat-cone multianalyzer.

NOTE: Version 5.2.4 contains critical bug fixes. Update from previous version is highly recommended.

Source files restrax-5.2.4.tar.gz 1031848 B
Windows installer restrax-5.2.4-install.exe 7280684 B
Binary distribution – Linux restrax-5.2.4-i686-Linux.tar.gz 6994863 B
Binary distribution – Linux 64 bit restrax-5.2.4-x86_64-Linux.tar.gz not available
RESTRAX manual (old versions) RESTRAX_manual.pdf 389890 B