SIMRES 6.3.3
March 2015


SIMRES 6.3.3, March 2015
RESTRAX 5.2.4, June 2014


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Supported by
Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS)
SINE 2020 (EU HORIZON 2020 programme)
Czech Science Foundation
EU 6th framework programme
EU 5th framework programme

3rd party code used in RESTRAX:

RESCAL - the implementation of the original method by M. J. Cooper and R. Nathans [Acta Cryst. 23 (1967) 357-367] written by M.Hergreave and P.Hullah, P.C.L. London, July 1979, and updated by P.Frings, ILL Grenoble in October 1986. Historically, developement of RESTRAX has stared by combining the front-end of RESCAL with matrix code of TRAX and own Monte Carlo ray-tracing routines. In the current version, only definition of instrument parameters and input file structure have remained from the original RESCAL code.

TRAX - the program written by M.Popovici, A.D.Stoica and I.Ionita [J. Appl. Cryst. 20 (1987) 90-101] for the calculation of resolution functions and optimisation of TAS. It takes into account actual dimensions of the TAS components and their distances, as well as focusing by curved crystals. In RESTRAX, parts of this code is used to calculate the TAS resolution function analytically in gaussian approximation.

PGPLOT - the Fortran graphics library written by Tim Pearson, California Institute of Technology, provides graphical representation of results.

Mersenne-Twister - random number generator developed by Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura [ACM Trans. on Modeling and Computer Simulation Vol. 8, No. 1, Januray pp.3-30, 1998] and coded to Fortran by Hiroshi Takano.

vTAS - A Virtual Three Axis Spectrometer writen by Martin Böhm, Alain Filhol and Yannick Raoul. The Java GUI of RESTRAX includes the vTAS programme to help navigation of TAS in laboratory and reciprocal spaces. RESTRAX interacts with vTAS by exchanging common TAS settings, so that vTAS can be used as a user-friendly instrument control tool for RESTRAX.