MEREDIT - Neutron Powder Diffractometer

MEREDITThe neutron powder diffractometer MEREDIT (MEdium REsolution neutron powder DIffracTometer) was made operational for scientists at the end of the year 2008. It is placed on the horizontal channel number 6 in the reactor hall of LWR15 (light water reactor) in Řež near Prague.

This instrument is mainly dedicated to the study of the crystalline and/or magnetic structure of the powder or polycrystalline samples. Due to the several sample environments including vacuum and light furnace, close cycle cryostat, Euler goniometer, deformation rig and automatic sample exchanger is this instrument an universal tool for researchers whose want to use advantages of neutron powder diffraction.

Old version of the web pages is still available here.

  • Instrument description

    The instrument MEREDIT starts to operate for researchers at the beginning of the year 2009. The essential part of the diffractometer - a multi-detector bank - comes from the decommissioned research reactor in Studtsvik in Sweden.

  • Secondary neutron beams and profile parameters


    Adjustable lift system is used to hold the monochromators. There are three positions available in the lift. One slot is still empty and will be used in the future. Two other slots are occupied with:


  • Sample environments

    To enhance the possibility to measure the samples at different conditions there are several sample environments available for practical use. For temperature dependent studies can be performed between 10 up to 1300K using close cycle cryostat and vacuum or light furnace. For multiple samples measurement at room temperature there is automatically exchangeable carousel for up to 6 samples. For mechanical testing there is a deformation rig able to produce tensile/pressure load up to 20 kN. For texture measurements there is a Euler goniometer available.

  • Apply for the beam time

    By the decision of our administration all the external users from April 2012 need to ask for the beam time via the proposals.