Provider Akademie věd České republiky
KAN400480701 2007-2011
Proposer Jiří Vacík, CSc., ÚJF AV ČR, v.v.i.
Title Nanostructures based on carbon and polymers for application in bioelectronic and medicine.
Název Nanostruktury na bázi uhlíku a polymeru pro využití v bioelektronice a v medicíně.

The main goal of the project is synthesis and characterization of promising nanostructured composites (mainly of carbon allotropes and synthetic polymers) exhibiting important biological and other (electrical, optical) properties that would be possible to utilize in the interaction with biological systems. The synthesized composite materials (based on fullerenes and metals, carbon and polymers, modified nanocrystalline diamonds, carborans, etched ion tracks and ion implantation or irradiation) will be inspected from the viewpoint of biocompatibility, adhesion and growth of cells and other bioapplications. Another goal of the project is demonstration of the active hybrid system based on combination of a cell (biomolecule) and microelectronic device with a modified nanocrystalline diamond as an interface.