Provider Akademie věd České republiky
GAAV, IAA400320901 2009-2011
Proposer Tomáš Baše, PhD., ÚACH AV ČR, v.v.i.
Co-proposer Jiří Vacík, CSc., ÚJF AV ČR, v.v.i.
Title Gold and silver surfaces modified with functional derivatives of boron hydrides
Název Zlaté a stríbrné povrchy modifikované funkcními deriváty hydridu bóru

Gold and silver polyhedral particles with narrow size distribution and average diameter ranging from micrometer to nanometer dimensions will be prepared and securely deposited on titanium containing substrates (Ti or its alloys). The particles assembled into a consistent film with controlled roughness and morphology will be modified with selected thiol derivatives of boron hydrides. These substrate surfaces will be additionally treated with cell adhesion-mediating peptide-based ligands for cell adhesion receptors in order to promote and control the adhesion, growth and differentiation of osteogenic and vascular cells in cultures on the developed layers. Gold or silver nanoparticles will be tested in combination with fullerenes C60, i.e. carbon allotrope which proved to be a good substrate for the adhesion and growth of bone and vascular cells in our earlier studies. Potential cytotoxicity of silver containing layers in correlation with their antimicrobial properties will be tested.