Provider International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEA CRP F1-RC-1158.1 2009-2013
Proposer RNDr. Miroslav Vrána, CSc., ÚJF AV ČR, v.v.i.
Title Development, Characterization and Testing of Materials of Relevance to Nuclear Energy Sector Using Neutron Beams

Participation with the task: Development and optimization of high-resolution neutron scattering instruments dedicated to characterization and testing of materials of relevance to nuclear energy sector and related experiments in SANS, residual strain/stress and texture studies.

Neutron diffraction group of Neutron Physics Department of NPI has a high credit in the neutron scattering community and keeps world priority in application of Bragg diffraction optics based on cylindrically bent perfect crystals in neutron diffractometry and spectrometry. In order to achieve maximum luminosity and resolution, the high standard neutron diffraction instruments dedicated to experiments related to characterization and testing of materials always employ neutron optics elements and just focusing monochromators play a key role in this respect. The know-how and many years experience in the field of neutron diffraction instrumentation, residual strain/stress investigations, small angle neutron scattering and texture measurements is offered for the use and implementation in laboratory of any partner of the CRP project. From the experimental point of view, NPI at present operates at the medium power reactor in Rez two diffractometers for residual strai/stress studies, high resolution SANS diffractometer, medium resolution powder diffractometer and a new texture diffractometer which are offered to realize goals of CRP project. Accordingly, NPI will provide know-how and experience of highly skilled scientists and training capacity for scientists from developing countries. NPI has also capability for Monte Carlo simulations by using a widely recognized (at the European level) RESTRAX software package for estimation of characteristic properties of designed performance of neutron scattering devices and their optimization. The unique of the RESTRAX package for neutron ray tracing consists in its possibility of implementing the neutron optical elements (e.g. curved crystals, flat or curved mirrors and supermirrors, any type of collimators etc.). On the basis of requirements of the last years, participation of NPI in the CRP project can be very useful for laboratories in developed as well as developing countries.