Sample environment

To enhance the possibility to measure the samples at various conditions, several sample environments can be put on MAUD beam. For non-ambient condition studies, a vacuum furnace can be used. Samples within a set can be automatically exchanged by sample changer for up to 9 samples or sample changer 2 with 5 positions and temperature regulation (20-900C). For mechanical testing, a deformation rig can be employed with maximum tensile/pressure load up to 20 kN. For measurement of anisotropic samples, a rotation table can be installed. Statical magnetic field can be applied to sample to sample either horizontally or vertically by help of electrical magnet up to 2 Tesla (20000 G).


Sample exchanger

Sample exchanger with 9 (+1Cd) sample positions enables automatic sample change and thus long runs without operator presence.

DN-2_setup_02 DN-2_setup_02

Rotation table

A table for rotation of the sample either around the axis perpendicular to the beam (omega rotation) or around the axis parallel with the beam can be set up.


Vacuum furnace


Transmission vacuum furnace with supherkanthal heating elements is capable to heat the sample up to 1400°C. During heating, the furnace is evacuated (no high vacuum, however) to prevent sample oxidation. Temperature is driven by Clare controller. An Al2O3 sample holder is available for some sample shapes. Special sample holders (M8 female thread) has to be supplied by the user.




Deformation rig

Deformation machine for uni-axial loading (tension, pressure) ± 20 kN.

Vertical setup ...
Vertical setup of deformation rig
Horizontal setu...
Horizontal setup of deformation rig




Electromagnet (DC)

Magnetic field can be applied to sample in horizontal as well as vertical direction with respect to beam. Maximum DC field is about 2T, it depends on distance between tips of cores (i.e. sample size).

Magnet Magnet



Sample changer 2 

Sample changer with thermal regulation from room to 90 C (+-1C) for 5 sample position. Designed for standard Hellma quartz cells (1-2 mm light path).

Sample changer ...
Sample changer with heater Sample changer with heater

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