Applying for the beam-time 

Do not worry - it is easy and quick process! In order to submit experimental proposer please register (or login) to CANAM user office web site. Your proposal will be evaluated by as soon as possible, usually it takes 1-2 weeks. Afterwards you disscuss the convinient dates for the beam-time with the instrumnet responsible. Please note, that there is no any dead-line for proposal submission.

It is recommended to discuss technical feasibility of the proposed experiment with instrumental responsible (Vasyl Ryukhtin, PhD.) before final submiting.

Beam time operation of MAUD instrument is supported by project of ministry of Youth and Education and thus it should be mentioned in publications (e.g.: SANS experiment were carried out at the CANAM infrastructure of the NPI CAS Rez supported through MŠMT project No. LM2015056).