Ion Micro-beam


Basic idea of this method is focusing of a ion beam on the smallest dimension and scanning on the sample. Ion beam analytical methods are the same as with normal dimensions – classical ion beam methods (RBS, PIXE, PIGE). Ion micro-beam is versatile equipment that allows study of structures with resolution of microns. Compared to electron micro-beam have better detection limits and may study the trace quantity. Moreover one can use micro-beam for other application like proton writing.

Beam characteristic

Objects slits to sample                           5m

Objects slits to collimator                       4m

                                                                                       Typical current

Objects slits (openning alternativelly)         20x  80 µm2               40-  50 pA

                                                              30x120 µm2               70-100 pA

                                                              40x160 µm2              100-200 pA

  with sputter source                                 60x240 µm2               50-100 pA

Collimator slits                                         800x800 µm2

Energy (standart)                                     2 MeV

Other tested                                    from 0.8 MeV to 2.6 MeV (11.5 MeV for C4+ )

Ions (tested)                                   H+, He+,C4+

Typical brightness (2 MeV protons)

Duoplasmatron                                0.4 pA/µm2 mr2 MeV

Cs sputter source                            0.1 pA/µm2 mr2 MeV