Arrangements for user access to NPL facilities

In order to arrange the access of the experimental team to the neutron-physics facilities (placed in the reactor hall), the following info is required from the members of the experimental team in advance:

  1. Family names and surnames of all the members of the experimental team,
  2. passport number(s)
  3. nationality
  4. affiliation
  5. exact dates of the visit
  6. ev. accomodation request.

In case you have "Personal radiation passport", please bring it with.

Please, notify us also in advance in case there is any danger connected with the samples or with handling of the samples.


In order to facilitate the reimbursement of the travel and subsistence costs (if it is the case, e.g. for a NMI3 supported experiment), it is recommended that we receive also the following info in advance via e-mail:

  • Ticket type (Flight/Train/Bus), from which country and town, ev. destination (if not Prague), if it is one way or return ticket; 
  • Flight/Train/Bus ticket price and currency (exact amount, please, including also all the cents!); 
  • Which day the ticket was bought (the exchange rate of the day of purchase has to be used to recalculate Euro to CZK);
  • The same for any other ticket you need for the travel (e.g. to get to the airport in another town);

In case the reimbursement of the travel and subsistence costs is provided by NPL, we request the use of economy class flight or second class railway ticket. Please, contact the administrator ( if you intend to use another mean of transport / another class.

We recommend to send the required info using this form:

by e-mail to the User Office. Send the form well in advance before the experiment, please. The required fields (marked by blue color at the begin and end of the first page of the form) are needed to be filled before the experiment, the others (black, orange) can be filled afterwards at place during the experiment (they are used for the annual report to the EC within the NMI3 project, ev. for the bank transfer).


In order to facilitate the travel expenses reimbursement [to avoid possible troubles with large cash
payment and exchange CZK->EUR], we can buy an electronic flight ticket
for your: if you wish to organize booking and purchase of the flight ticket in this way, please inform me well in advance about the selected flights you would like to use. The ticket will be then bought by our institute for you. 


Having this info, we try to arrange the reimbursed amount for the begin of you stay. However, remember that any reimbursed tickets or bills has to be sent to our institute after the experiment. Please, bring along the info necessary to carry out an international bank transfer in case you are reimbursed through bank transfer:

- IBAN (preffered), eventually account number and SWIFT
- name and adddress of the bank
- account holder (name and addres)


According to the institute rules, the local connection within the Prague Integrated Transport System (PIT, in Czech language PID) zones P, 0 and 1 (Řež is inside the zone 1) is not directly reimbursed but it is included in the subsistence-costs reimbursement (see below).
Travel by non-standard means (e.g. car hire required for transport of equipment) must be approved by us first. We are unable to reimburse the cost of personal travel insurance (this should be covered from your daily expenses), although we will take out cancellation insurance for any tickets purchased by us. We will reimburse the cost of travel if on arrival/departure you travel directly to/from Prague or Řež. For reimbursement it is very important that you give us your original tickets/receipts or, if you need them for travelling back, provide us a copy and send the original tickets shortly after the experiment.


Accommodation:  The users can be accomodated at the guesthouse which is situated inside the Nuclear Physics Institute area. If the guesthouse is full, eventually, the hotel Vltava (5 min. walk from the railway station Řež; phone int. 3405, ext. +420 220941171) or Pension Hudec (nearby the bus stop Husinec,Řež, or 10 min. walk from the railway station Řež; phone +420 604709316) in the Řež-village can provide accommodation (meals are offered there as well). We will make the room-reservation for you. In case of reimbursement of travel costs, normally the costs of staying in the guest house are covered. If you choose alternative accommodation by yourself then the reimbursement for the accomodation should be discussed in advance.