TKSN-400, instrument description

TKSN 400 is a high resolution two-axis diffractometer optimized for investigation of internal stresses in polycrystalline materials. Due to its equipment, the instrument is dedicated especially for thermo-mechanical testing of materials, i.e. to study the deformation and transformation mechanisms of modern types of newly developed materials. Neutron diffraction performed in situ upon external loads, brings a wide range of valuable structural and sub-structural parameters of the studied material which is easy to correlate with parameters of external loads.

Instrumental parameters

Monochromator horizontally and vertically focusing, elastically bent Si single crystals
Wavelength 1 Å ≤ λ ≤ 3.7 Å

Neutron flux at the sample position

105 n cm2 s-1 at λ=2.3 Å
Angular range 25o< 2θ < 90o
Resolution 2 10-3Δd/d ≤ 3 10-3


  • Deformation machine for uni-axial loading (tension, pressure) ± 20 kN
  • Resistant heating   (T < 1200o C)
  • Hot-air heating  (T < 300o C)
  • Miniature deformation machine for uni-axial loading (tension, pressure) ± 10 kN
  • Eulerian cradle: inner diameter of 400 mm, 0o <  χ < 160o, 0o <  φ < 360o
  • Deformation machine for bending loading, maximum cycling frequency of 27 Hz
hk9-rig-scheme hk9-rig-scheme
hk9-rig hk9-rig
hk9-sample hk9-sample
hk9-small-rig hk9-small-rig