HK4 - Strain scanner

The two-axis diffractometer SPN-100 is a 2-axis neutron diffractometer usually used for mapping of residual strains inside polycrystalline materials.Typical examples are residual strains developed in the course of welding or strains accumulated during processing and/or usage of engineering components.

  • Instrument description

    SPN-100 is a double axis diffractometer employing elastically bent perfect Si crystal as a focusing monochromator. The instrument is designed for measurements of residual strains by accurate evaluation of positions of a selected diffraction peak from small material volume defined by a set of input and output slits. The diffractometer has a changeable monochromator take off angle and can be set and operated at a suitably chosen wavelength in the range 0.1 nm to 0.235 nm. In the case of α-Fe and γ-Fe samples, it usually  operates at the neutron wavelength of 0.23 nm, providing a good resolution after diffraction on the α-Fe(110) and / or γ-Fe(111) lattices planes.