Provider Grantová agentura České republiky
GA106/09/0125 2009-2013
Proposer RNDr. Anna Macková, PhD., UJF AV ČR, v.v.i.
Co-proposer Prof. Ing. Václav Švorčík, DrSc., VŠCHT
Doc. Ing. Olga Bláhová, Ph.D., ZCU
Title Preparation and characterization of metal/polymer structures
Název Příprava a vlastnosti struktur kov/polymer

The interactions between metals and polymers will be studied using complementary analytical techniques on different metal-polymer and metal-polymer-metal systems. The research is of interest from the fundamental point of view and for broad practical utilization of metal coated polymers in analytical chemistry, electronics, food packaging etc. The specimens will be prepared by sputtering or vacuum deposition of 10-100 nm thick layers of different metals Au, Ag, Pd and Pt on various polymers PET, PMMA, PE and PTFE. The structure characterization will be provided using profilometer, TEM, AAS spectroscopy, RBS, ERD). The electrical resistance and magnetic properties will be measured. Nanointendenter device will be used for the determination of the layers adhesion. The layer morphology will be studied using AFM and SEM. Ion implantation and ion assisted mixing of metal particles and polymer structure will be used for composite preparation. For mobility and diffusion study of metals in polymer substrate RBS, XPS will be used.