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Sample environments

To enhance the possibility to measure the samples at different conditions there are several sample environments available for practical use. For temperature dependent studies can be performed between 10 up to 1300K using close cycle cryostat and vacuum or light furnace. For multiple samples measurement at room temperature there is automatically exchangeable carousel for up to 6 samples. For mechanical testing there is a deformation rig able to produce tensile/pressure load up to 20 kN. For texture measurements there is a Euler goniometer available.


Sample containers

For the powder samples there are three size of cylindrical vanadium container with diameter 6, 10 and 13 mm. Special head-cups allows to use containers for different sample environments.

Head for LT and...
Head for LT and RT

Close cycle cryostat

Close cycle cryostat Laybold model A901 is able to provide the any temperature between 10 and 298 K. Temperature is controlled by Laybold low temperature controller type LTC 60.

Cryostat - real...
Cryostat - real view
Cryostat - mode...
Cryostat - model

Vacuum furnace

Self-made vacuum furnace with vanadium heating elements is able to heat the sample container up to 1000°C. During heating process the furnace is evacuated to prevent vanadium to oxidized. Temperature is controlled by Eurotherm.

Furnace - real ...
Furnace - real view
Furnace - model
Furnace - model

Light furnace

Light furnace is heated by 4 focused halogen lamps with power of 75W able to heat up the sample up to 1000°C. The inner volume of the furnace can be filled by the gas or air or we can also use the vacuum. The sample holder is for now only suitable for self holding samples. We plane to prepare also holder for using the powder samples. Temperature is controlled by Eurotherm.


Self-made carousel for up to 6 samples enable automatic sample exchange and measurement only on room temperature.

Carousel - mode...
Carousel - model

Euler goniometer

Euler goniometer add two more rotation axes and enable after 4 independent rotation axes for texture measurements.

Deformation rig

Deformation machine for uni-axial loading (tension, pressure) ± 20 kN.

Vertical setup ...
Vertical setup of deformation rig
Horizontal setu...
Horizontal setup of deformation rig