Apply for the beam time

By the decision of our administration all the external users from April 2012 need to ask for the beam time via the proposals.

Instruments on the LWR15 reactor hall became a part of the CANAM (Center of Accelerators and Nuclear Analytical Methods) infrastructure. The Open access for the CANAM instruments is available for all users via the web based proposal system on the User portal web page. If you don't have yet, you need to create the new user account. After that you can login to and fill up the beam time application form and submit.

The proposals are evaluated by our international Scientific selection panel and, when accepted, a corresponding beamtime is ascribed to the proposal. Unlike the other similar laboratories in Europe, we evaluate the proposals on a continuous basis (which means that the beamtime allocation is in reasonably short time for the successful proposals).

Other important information about the Access program and the financial support in NMI3 project can be found here.

Concerning the technical questions during writing the proposal, we suggest to ask ditrectly the MEREDIT instrument responsible Přemysl Beran (