NOD - Neutron Optics Diffractometer

The Neutron Optics Diffractometer is a testing beamline installed on the common primary beam shared with the SANS diffractometer MAUD. Experimental investigations at this instrument are focused at experimental studies and tests of new Bragg diffraction optics designs and their properties. Recent examples are the tests of dispersive double crystal settings providing high and ultra-high angular and/or energy resolution and of ultra-high resolution dispersive monochromators based on multiple reflections excited in elastically deformed perfect crystals. The high-resolution monochromatic neutron beams also opened new possibilities of applications for an alternative radiography technique, for the so called phase contrast radiography.

  • Instrument description

    NOD is a three axis diffraction instrument designed primarily for experiments with Bragg diffraction optics. It is equiped with a bent Si(111) crystal as a pre-monochromator in a monochromator shielding cave and other two optical axes, which are freely accessible for experiments (2θ-arm, two rotating tables and four goniometer heads for a sample and an analyzer). Furthermore, the instrument is equipped with an Eulerian cradle of the inner diameter of 400 mm.