version 5.0
Program for fitting of small-angle neutron scattering data
Jan Šaroun , Nuclear Physics Institute, Řež, Czech Republic


The program SASProFit has been developed to address problems specific to double crystal SANS diffractometers. It is based on indirect Fourier transformation method and multiple scattering theory in diffraction regime (see references for details). Particularly, the program permits to

The program offers basic set of particle types, either monodisperse or with free size distribution. Optionally, hard-sphere structure factor in local monodisperse approximation can be applied.

System requirements

Hardware requirements strongly depend on the amount of data to be fitted. CPU frequency above 1 GHz and RAM 256 MB are recommended.
Operating system: Windows XP/7/10 and hopefully later.


Documentation to the program is under development. At present, a basic users' guide in HTML format is available on-line or for download. It is also included in the program distribution.


The program SASProFit is freeware. No registration is required. For more details, see the license statement.

SASProFit 5.05   Zipped installer (2.05 MB)

Additional tools

The package SASProFit 5.05 contains additional tools for data reduction used at NPI:
Conversion tool for 2D-SANS data from BerSANS formatSANSMask
Reduction of 1D-SANS data measured at NPI: SANSCor
Calculator of scattering form factors: FFDEMO

[1] J. Šaroun, "Evaluation of double-crystal SANS data influenced by multiple scattering", J. Appl. Cryst (2000) 33, 824-828.
[2] J. Šaroun, SASProFit - program for USANS data evaluation, IConUSAS conference, Oak Ridge, 9-10 July 2003. (available also in PowerPoint format)